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Introducing: House Ecaz

The refined and prestigious House Ecaz, patron of the finest artists, and master of every and all pleasures is formally inviting you to the inauguration of their newest resort: the exotic Arrakis.

Historical ally of House Atreides, this great house will fend for themselves on the harsh planes of Arrakis, that will, without doubt, become the crown jewel of the interplanetary archduchy under their rule.

Archduchess Armanda Ecaz and her family will bring their subtle blend of overt luxury, passive aggression, and political mastery to an already over-contested Dune, which will assuredly throw a wrench into whatever plans the other factions may have cooked up.

Archduchess Armanda Ecaz is a refined, formidable lady. One who is not easily satisfied, and knows how to get what she wants. Her political acumen is not to be underestimated: at the head of one of the most powerful Houses in the galaxy, she managed to navigate several crises that could have been the end of her house, with relatively little loss. While most perceive her as a ruthless and dry woman, it’s not unheard of for her to display affection and warmth towards those who have proven to be her friends.

House Ecaz uses their connections with the world of art to disgrace and demoralise their opponents. They build Masterpieces, which while little more than glorified paperweights, cannot be destroyed without angering both the Landsraad and the locals.

They also make extra efforts to preserve local culture by raising sanctuaries surrounded by their own villages that cannot be captured, increasing their claim and territory on the planet. Building a Garden Resort in the middle of multiple sanctuaries will increase benefits even further.

House Ecaz are no pacifists, either. The pride and sense of honor of Ecazi soldiers is legendary. Their Champion units increase in strength upon being bestowed the title and bask in glory with every kill.

As for most great houses, family plays a key role in the House Ecaz administration. Armanda's beloved daughters all have a key role to play in the house leadership.

  • Sanya Ecaz is the eldest daughter of Armanda, and current heir to the Ecaz dynasty. Her charming personality and eclectic tastes allow her to thrive among the artistic community of the house.
  • Whitmore Bludd was a renowned instructor at the Ginaz swordmaster school. After the fall of Ginaz, he entered the service of House Ecaz, first as Ilesa's bodyguard, and then as warmaster.
  • Ilesa Ecaz is the second daughter of Armanda. Having barely survived an assassination attempt at the onset of adulthood, Ilesa has grown into a bitter and serious woman, with no qualms about using her infirmity to guilt people into doing her bidding.
  • Mesa Ecaz is the youngest daughter of Armanda. She is driven and smart, always trying to encourage the use of house resources toward supporting and benefiting the people.

Warfare is a rite of passage for the lower Ecazi nobility, who pride themselves on their bravery and honour. As such, most of the Ecazi army is organised around putting their best units in the most favourable light, winning decisive fights, with flair and style.

Their unique units include:

  • Squires: Armoured pikemen who have sworn to serve House Ecaz. They are used to taking the biggest blows from enemy forces, and focus on softening defences for stronger units to steal the show.
  • Musketeers: Big-game hunters equipped with heavy muskets. They can take down even the most armoured enemies.
  • Fencers: Expert martial artists armed with elegant swords. They engage backline units in duels that they are sure to win.
  • War Banners: A floating reminder of everything House Ecaz stands for. The banner emboldens Ecazi soldiers and demoralises their enemy.
  • Knights: Ecazi nobility demonstrate their bravery, by joining the fray with a long sword and the support of all of their subordinates.

House Ecaz will embroil themselves in the fight for Arrakis when Dune: Spice Wars leaves Early Access and enters 1.0 this September!

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