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Introducing: House Atreides

Who are House Atreides

One of the most powerful Houses in the known universe, honorable, efficient and highly respected, there’s little wonder why Baron Harkonnen considers them such a threat to his aspirations of power and control.

House Atreides is one of the Great Houses of the Imperium and an important member of Landsraad, the parliament that brings together the major and minor houses of the Imperium.

The Atreides have ruled the lush, oceanic planet called Caladan for generations, and lead their fiefdom with justice and honor.

Duke Leto Atreides

Duke Leto is a distinguished aristocrat, proud of the history of his house and of his ducal prerogatives. He is a good commander, who always has the well-being of his people firmly in mind, sometimes even to the detriment of the resources of his duchy. Though at times appearing harsh, inflexible, proud and authoritarian, he is widely considered a fair and loyal leader, and one who has earnt and is worthy of respect.

Atreides Councillors

Each House can rely on their trusted Councillors to manage their estate and further their goals. As a player, you choose 2 of the 4 Councillors when you start a game, allowing you to exemplify your House's strengths or mitigate its weaknesses. The Atreides can rely on Warmaster Gurney Halleck for military strategy, the Lady Jessica for political influence, the Mentat and spymaster Thufir Hawat for economics and spying, and the legendary swordmaster Duncan Idaho for expansion and combat proficiency.

Atreides General Gameplay

One of the core strengths of the Atreides is their unparalleled political power. Their negotiating skills and their reputation for honor and loyalty allow many major and minor houses to place their confidence in them and in turn, give them more power, allowing them to benefit from many advantages with regards to laws or the reclamation of political power.

On Arrakis, the Atreides can also rely on their skills and reputation to easily negotiate with the Fremen, giving them valuable advantages over other factions in the race to conquer the dangerous planet.

Atreides Unique Units

The Atreides are renowned for their exceptionally well trained and doggedly loyal army, with troops that are expensive but tough, they are designed, created and trained to last.
Symbols of courage, loyalty and determination, the more populous and eclectic an Atreides army, the more effective it is.

Their unique units include:

  • Troopers: Armored swordsmen, exceptionally skilled in close combat and who work perfectly in tandem with their fellow troops.
  • Rangers: Equipped with long range rifles, they are some of the best scouts and support units.
  • Heavy Weapon Squad: Equipped with the best heavy weapons of the House, they are incredibly effective in breaching enemy defenses, alongside being one of the best anti vehicle and anti armor infantry on Arrakis.
  • Wardens: The Wardens are the elite troops of the Atreides armies, and the pride of the Duke. Adorning heavy armor and near impenetrable shields, they have garnered a reputation as near immortal fighters.
  • Support Drone: Heavy mechanical units equipped with powerful ranged weapons, they are the flagship of the Atreides industry, developed specifically to aid allies engaged in hostile environments with supplies and aid

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