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House Corrino has arrived on Arrakis...


Imperial House Corrino has ruled the galaxy for ten millennia, and Shaddam IV intends to keep it that way. The situation on Arrakis calls for the direct intervention of the Padishah Emperor, who will use all His wit and the might of His administration to turn the war to His benefit.

Faction Bonuses:
  • Gains Hegemony by paying the Guild Fees
  • Can use Imperial Edict on Landsraad resolutions to switch their scope (if a resolution affects all factions, it will now affect one faction and vice versa)
  • The diplomatic action Imperial Mandate replaces Tribute and is unlocked from the start (House Corrino can lends 2 Sardaukar to another faction earning Solari when they kill other units)
  • +1 free Building slot on Villages
  • +100% Authority cost to annex Villages due to the distance from Main Base
At 5000 Hegemony:
  • Can use Main Base Deployment on Corrino’s and neutral Villages to land a second Main Base
  • Can offer Imperial Favor, once by Landsraad council, as part of a trade (+100 Influence)
At 10 000 Hegemony:
  • +30% Airfield range
  • Missiles attack from 30% further
  • +30 Landsraad Standing when other factions are elected to charters


Wensicia Corrino:
  • Can build some economic buildings twice
  • Increase Solari upkeep on buildings by 20%
Captain Aramsham:
  • Reduces Infantry units costs by 30% and combat stats by 30%
  • Grants 1 additional training slot
Princess Irulan:
  • Can spend Solari to cancel a negative resolution
  • Can use Development Investment on other factions’ villages (Boost production by 20%, House Corrino gains 20% of Village’s total production)
Hasimir Fenring:
  • Can resolve discoveries with Agents anywhere
  • -100% Intel production for enemy agents assigned on House Corrino


  • Gain +1 Power for each ally Infantry and Ranged Infantry nearby (x5 max)
Ranged Infantry:
  • Gain +1 Power for each ally Infantry and Ranged Infantry nearby (x5 max)
  • Ranged
  • Attacks deal damage within a frontal cone
  • This unit’s attacks ignore enemy Armor
  • Execute enemies under 20% Health
  • Gains +5% executing Health threshold upon killing an enemy for the rest of combat (x5 max)
Artillery Drone:
  • Must be deployed to attack
  • Cannot fire within close range
  • Must reload between shots
  • Ranged attacks deal damages in big area
  • Ranged attacks have 60% chance to destroy Armor

Guild Fees:

  • Collect Spice paid by all Imperial Taxes and Bribes
  • Must pay an expensive fee to the Spacing Guild with the help of the Spice collected
  • +1% Solari production per payed fee (x5 max)


House Corrino doesn’t have access to Maintenance Centers
Propaganda Office:

  • +30% resource production in the village but has an Authority upkeep

Emperor Monument (Main Base):

  • Applies the district bonus 1 more time
  • Ally Villages in the neighbouring regions have +1 instance of the Village’s traits
  • +500 Hegemony per ally Village in neighbouring regions

Spying Operations:


  • +3 Armor to allies units and structures in the region

Interdiction Zone:

  • Enemies cannot use Carryalls and Airfields in the region

Orbital Strike:

  • Missiles strikes will drop from the orbit targeting units and buildings of the enemies, they lower Armor and deal area of effect damages



Solid Materials (T1):

  • -15% buildings construction costs
  • +25% Health on all buildings

Imperial Taxes (T4):

  • +20 Solari production per faction paying a tax or bribe to House Corrino
  • Gains 2% Spice production of factions paying a tax or bribe to House Corrino


Imperial Protocols (T3):

  • Military units gain +10% Power for each active Imperial Mandate
  • -20% daily Supply drain
  • Regions owned by players in Truce with you do not drain Supply

Imperial Command (T4):

  • +6 Command Points
  • Enemy Airfield in Region with an active operation can be used to land for 5 Influence per unit
  • +2 Power to military units in the same region if there are 6 or more


Outrageous Wealth (T3):

  • +5% unit Power per faction with less CHOAM Shares
  • +5 Influence production per faction with less CHOAM Shares
  • Unlocks the Emperor Monument building

Emperor Eyes (T4):

  • Fills 3 Counter Intelligence slots with unmovable Emperor Eye Agents (This agent cannot be captured & Does not count in the max Agents count)
  • Agents assigned on opposing factions produce +5 Intel


Megalopolis (T1):

  • Ally Villages adjacent to House Corrino’s Main Bases get +20% resource production & +20% Militias’ Health
  • Unlocks the Crafts Workshop building

Imperial Administration (T3):

  • +10% resource production to ally Villages with 4 or more buildings of the same type
  • +1 instance of each Village traits
  • Unlocks the Investment Office building

In addition to Corrino's timely arrival on Arrakis, we have made a number of changes to the game in order to appropriately accomodate the Padishah Emperor, check out some of the biggest changes below.


Fremen rework of economy:

- Fremen villages:
  • No more Refineries or Spice silos
  • Shai-Hulud Temples are now exclusive to Ramallo
  • -1 building slot in every village
- Fremen Spice harvesting:
  • Harvesting caravans are built at your Main Base, limited by the number of Spice blows in your territory
  • Harvesting caravans can be deployed on your Spice blows to harvest Spice

Introducing the CHOAM Market:

  • Buy and sell shares of the CHOAM on the CHOAM Market
  • New victory condition: Own more than 50% of the CHOAM to win


Balance and rework of hegemony to make it more relevant in multiplayer:

Hegemony breakdown redesign

- Hegemony Victory threshold: 30k => 25k Hegemony
- Increased gains for:

  • Controlled Regionsmap
  • Controlled Special Regions
  • Allied Sietches
  • Held Charters
  • Landsraad Standing:

- No more gain for:

  • Defeating units
  • Paying taxes and bribes (except Corrino)


  • Added a cooldown to thumper usage (only one thumper can be used at a time)
  • Rework and Balancing of Smugglers units
  • Toned Down Infiltrators
  • Toned Down “Ceremonial Caves”
  • New unit: Assassins
  • Smugglers’ Snipers can now be pinned down
  • Kulon Caravans now transport a mobile missile battery instead of a tent


Village traits rework:

- Villages have 1 => 2 traits

- 4 New village traits:

  • Well Diggers: +5 Water
  • Secret Holders: +20% Data Center production, 1 extra Data Center can be built
  • Youthful Eagerness: +20% Recruitment Office production, 1 extra Recruitment Office can be built
  • Former Soldiers: +1 extra militia slot

Main Base

- District Bonus rework:
  • Senate Envoyees (2 district Statecraft): +100 max Influence => +2 Influence production
  • Political Forum (3 district Statecraft): +2 Standing production => +100 max Influence
  • Insurance Banks (2 district Economy): +10% Solari production => +20 Solari production
  • Economic Lobbies (3 district Economy): +20% CHOAM Share Hegemony gains => +10% Solari production


- Removed Poison the Reserves
- Removed CHOAM Shares
- New spying missions:

  • Scavenger Team: converts 50% of the Power of dying military units into Solaris
  • Support Intelligence (Atreides): -5% damage received per operation active
  • Toxic Vapors (Harkonnen): Prevent troop regen and -20% daily Army Health
  • Ghost Market (Smugglers): Spawns a Point of Interest stealing 15% of the region’s Spice, solari and Plascrete as long as it’s not resolved
  • Hidden Thumpers (Fremen): Allows riding from and to this zone without paying any Thumper
  • Pillage Raid (Smugglers): Launches a raid of marauders on a selected village
  • Communication Jamming (Smugglers): Blocks all enemy operations on the zone
  • Worm Calling (Fremen): Instantly calls a worm in the region

- Spying missions availability changes:

  • Cease Fire is now Atreides only
  • Crowd Manipulation is now Harkonnen only

- Agents can now be swapped


- New faction-specific developments:

- Developments changes


Diplomacy has been fully reworked:

- Relation level is now binary: Truce or Conflict
- Truce costs Authority to establish. The longer time spent in Conflict, the less Authority Truce cost.
- Aggression is forbidden in Truce, with heavy penalties as punishment
- It is possible to enter Conflict without penalty for a cost of Influence
- Treaties have also been reworked:

  • Treaties are only possible in Truce
  • Treaty now cost influence to set and cancel
  • Treaties now lasts until cancelation
  • New treaties have been added

- Existing treaties have been improved
- Trading interface has been redesigned


  • Using agents on discoveries now requires owning its region or any neighbouring region
  • Ornithopters can no longer resolve discoveries
  • Discovery collection methods have been changed
  • New discoveries
  • All current discoveries are now accessible without Paracompass


- The first Landsraad Council now always starts at the voting phase, for easier onboarding.
- Imperial Edicts has a small chance to happen randomly during the review phase if the Corrino faction isn’t in the current game

- New resolutions:

  • CHOAM Contracts: All factions gain 50 CHOAM shares
  • Landsraad Witnesses: Spawn 3 Landsraad judges for all factions
  • Military Investigations: -50% military development completion speed
  • War of Assassins: The elected faction gains 2 Assassins


  • Mother Ramallo: Unlock the Shai-hulud Temple and causes villages neighbouring Fremen to rebel on their own


  • Overall AI improvements
  • AIs now defend against Rebellions
  • Added most new game mechanics to AI behaviours


  • Reconnecting during games is now more consistent
  • Allow saving games when not lobby host
  • The lobby list UI has been redesigned
  • The faction choice UI has been redesigned


  • Double clicking on unit banners now behaves like double clicking a unit model: all units of the same type will be selected
  • Unit banners are now considered when dragging for selection
  • The first Spice village will now always be in the part of the region closest to the main base
  • Added game options for airfield ranges and missile battery ranges to be toggled on at the start of the game
  • Fixed units resetting their movement with every action command, leading to an unresponsive feeling
  • Added deploy/undeploy shortcut for units (G key)
  • Added resupply range indicators (H key)


  • New alert sounds
  • Added diversity on harvester voice lines
  • New hover sounds on councillors
  • Fixed sounds in tactical view
  • Voices are now enabled in x2 gamespeed
  • New and reworked voice lines
  • New and reworked sound effects


  • New faded warning sign when a sandworm is close to units but they cannot be swallowed (ex: they are on rocks)
  • Display the dynamic cost of shuttle transport on the cursor tip


  • Fixed Harkonnen Sacrifice bugging missions out after reload
  • Fixed sandworms sometimes not targeting AIs
  • Fixed units loading in T-Pose
  • Fixed Smuggler Drones completely tanking performances because of a leak in its idle FXs
  • Unit engage running animations have been tweaked to better fit with their speed which results in less floaty units during combat (especially ranged ones)
  • Military units tried to move before attacking when they were already in range, resulting in a unresponsive feeling, they are now much more reactive
  • Fixed tons of crashes
  • Fixed a lot of texts


  • New Achievements
  • Update Main Menu and In Game Menu
  • Added Credits
  • New attack projectile generation system to allow for more cinematic projectile generation
  • Landsraad raids during pariah standing are now supported by a “Defence Sabotage” operation, demolition units, and have more supplies
  • The Fremen faction can now take control of Deep Deserts if they own all zones surrounding it once they reach the 5k Hegemony threshold

Thank you all for your support of Dune: Spice Wars since launch, your feedback and suggestions have been invaluable and we can't wait to keep developing this game alongside you all.

Enjoy the new Faction!

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