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Dune: Spice Wars Multiplayer Update is LIVE!

Hello everyone!

Multiplayer has arrived! We're so excited to release the first major milestone in our Early Access Roadmap. The time has come to lure your friends in with promises of spice, then sit back and see who the desert takes first. Or perhaps you'll help them, if doing so is to your advantage...

Today, band together in 2v2 matches or face each other in a free-for-all of up to four players. Take the reins of either the Atreides, Harkonnen, Fremen, or Smugglers. Any open spots can be filled with AI-controlled factions ranging in difficulty from easy to insane, and each game can be tailored to suit your preferences, including map size and sandworm, storm, and Sietch activity. Victory conditions are also up to you!

Check out the Multiplayer Trailer!

In addition to multiplayer, we've also reworked every development tree with a focus on synergy between factions, and added new political resolutions, events, regions, and a whole load of other improvements which you can see in the patch notes below.

Treachery within treachery within treachery...

We've taken great efforts to make Spice Wars true to Frank Herbert's source material, to deliver an experience that delivers the same sense of grand machinations, subtle political plotting, and great reversals. With multiplayer, the potential for these slow boils and epic moments skyrockets, as players vie for the upper hand on each stage of war.

As always, thank you all for the feedback you've shared since launch, it's been massively helpful in identifying issues and areas of improvement, so keep it coming and help us make Dune: Spice Wars the best game it can possibly be!

Patch Notes


  • Multiplayer (Dedicated Servers & Peer to Peer)
  • New regions
  • New resolutions
  • New events
  • New Underworld Headquarter buildings
  • New buildings illustrations
  • Confirmation before attacking a Sietch


  • Balance & Tweaks of almost everything
  • Rework of Harkonnen units
  • Rework of the Wreckers
  • Rework of the militia aggro system
  • Improved AIs
  • Faction limit for Fremen Sietches’ buildings
  • Charters can now have flexible eligibility during deciding and voting phases
  • Eliminated factions during decide and voting phase now properly get removed
  • Removed spice freighters


We currently have a problem with the shadercache (DirectX only), you’ll have to load all shaders again after the update (with maybe some freezes each time you discover a new shader),it is also possible that you’ll randomly have to load shaders again from time to time, we are very sorry and are working hard to fix that problem!

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