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Dune: Spice Wars 1.0 is available now!

The Dune: Spice Wars 1.0 update has finally landed on Arrakis, and with it has come an absolute plethora of new content, reworks, fixes and more!

The last year and a half has seen multiple updates release, adding tons of content, improvements and more, largely built on the suggestions and feedback of our players. So thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped us build Dune: Spice Wars into what it is today over the course of the Early Access period. We literally couldn't have done it without you!

But with all the sentimental stuff out of the way, let's take a look at what's new in Dune: Spice Wars' 1.0 update...

(Please Note: This is a slightly abridged version of the patch notes, for the full list of changes check out the document HERE)

Main Mechanics:

  • Surrounded neutral villages become Sanctuaries
  • +1 Authority production per Sanctuary on the map
  • Villages around Sanctuaries gain +1 instance of their traits
  • Masterpieces can be built in villages, they are not removed if the village is liberated and destroying them bring huge penalties
  • A single village can become a Garden Resort, which produces knowledge and influence
  • A single military unit can become a Champion. They have increased stats and gain hegemony by killing units of enemy factions (hegemony is lost when the Champion dies)

  • House Ecaz is playable in conquest
  • 4 new missions
  • Huge balancing and rework of all existing missions
  • Rework of conquest flow and resources
  • 5 new common conquest bonuses
  • Heroes are now way stronger and more unique

  • Full rework of the development tree content and shape (almost no development have been kept as it was)
  • Rework of development cost scaling: Development cost is no longer dependent on the order in which they are researched (bye bye T4 rush)

  • Units no longer have Manpower upkeeps
  • Basic non-mechanical units no longer cost Solari
  • Healing non-mechanical units cost Manpower
  • Healing mechanical units cost Solari

  • Added a minimum font size accessibility option to scale small texts

Scale option 1:

Scale option 2:

Scale option 3

  • Units and Villages no longer have Water requirements
  • Almost all buildings have Water Requirements
  • Wind Trap is in a T3 development (available from the start for Fremen)
  • New building : Dew collector (+3 Water) available from the start
  • All non-mechanical units max supply and supply regen is dependent on available Water
  • All mechanical units have no supply

  • Removing an infiltration cell now requires launching a spying operation, ‘Cell Search” on the village, followed by investigating the village with a unit
  • A tech unlocks the possibility to put up to 3 infiltration cells in an enemy territory
  • The defender no longer receives a quest to increase assassination upkeep or time
  • Assassination upkeep increases on its own over time
  • Once the assassination has started, agents on counter-intel on the defender’s side slow down the assassination over time
  • Sending an Assassin to your infiltration cell reset the speed of the assassination.

  • Each Sietch can only be pillaged once, ever
  • Pillaged Sietch no longer send raid
  • Pillaged Sietch can no longer trade or be allied with the faction that pillaged them (they can still ally anyone else, with the usual condition)

  • Concord Chambers, Drone and Kraken reworked

  • Office of Order, Cerberus, Stealth probe and Executioner reworked

  • Reworked Machine Scraps. The resource is now called Spaceship Parts, and is more in line with Guild Favor, while still keeping some of its specificity.

  • UHQ are almost instant to install
  • UHQ extension construction is instant
  • New UHQ Extensions
  • New base bonus: +10% speed outside of combat+
  • Reworks: Scavenger, Wrecker, Banshee, Wraith

  • Gurney Halleck, Duncan Idaho, Iakin Nefud, Piter De Vries, Bannerjee and Lingar Bewt reworked.

  • The 3 base units are unlocked from the start
  • The Elite unit is unlocked at 10k hegemony
  • New Atreides and Smugglers gear
  • Atreides Drone gear have been entirely reworked

  • Fixed brown screen on new games
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed wormsign that didn’t show up sometimes when a worm was detected

We really hope you enjoy the 1.0 version of Dune: Spice Wars, it's been an amazing year and a half for us working alongside you all in Early Access and we are incredibly proud of what we've accomplished with the game and excited to continue the journey well beyond the 1.0 update.

Heroes of Dune is currently in the works, alongside a ton of other ideas and plans floating around, so stay tuned for news and updates on what the future holds for Dune: Spice Wars!

- Shiro Games

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