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Conquest Update | Available Now!

Hello Everyone! The Update you've all been waiting for has finally arrived, as Conquest mode is now available in Dune Spice Wars!

Choose your house, chart your course, prepare your strategy and don't underestimate the countless perilous obstacles that may threaten your claim for Dominance over Arrakis...

Conquest mode, new tutorials, resource management updates and countless more changes lie ahead in the biggest update to Dune: Spice Wars yet, check out the full changelist HERE or read on for a summary of what to expect!

Check out the Conquest Update Trailer!

Conquest Mode

Designed to be highly replayable, challenging and progression driven, Conquest is the campaign fans have been asking for since we released into Early Access at the start of last year.

In Conquest, players take up the control of one of the major houses (Atreides, Harkonnen or Corrino) and fight through a number of unique scenarios and situations that will encourage you to utilize every system at your disposal in order to progress.

You will be able to modify your house with a variety of perks that will result in more interesting ways to tackle the many challenging objectives Conquest throws at you and ensure a unique experience every time you play.

Each Conquest run provides around 10 hours of playtime, with no two runs being alike.

And Conquest mode will also see new missions, environments, scenarios and more added over time!


Added 5 tutorials to learn the basics of the game:

  1. Basic Controls
  2. Exploration
  3. Siege & Expansion
  4. Spice Harvesting
  5. Water & Upkeep


Changed a number of Harkonnen, Smuggler and Corrino bonuses.

Reworked: Rabban, Feyd-Rautha, Staban, Bannerjee, Lingar, Mother Ramallo, Stilgar, Aramsham, Irulan and Fenring.



  • Balanced all Solari gains and costs
  • Economies are generally tighter with less gigantic productions in late game
  • Economic specialization is less mandatory
  • More focus on Spice

Plascrete and Fuel Cells rework:

Plascrete rework:

  • All Plascrete upkeeps have been removed
  • Plascrete factories produce 10 Plascrete and have 20 Solari upkeep
  • Plascrete costs have been changed to accommodate

Fuel Cells rework:

  • Fuel Cells are now a “strategic resource”
  • Fuel Cell Factories can only be built on Geothermal Energy and Great Volcano
  • Refineries, Ornithopters and Airfields no longer cost Fuel Cells
  • Major Buildings now cost Fuel Cells
  • Factions start the game with 0 Fuel Cells


  • Every faction now has a new unique Village Building
  • New economic Village Building: Wholesale Market, which produces a small amount of Solari
  • New Major buildings and rework of old ones.
  • Main Base buildings have been slightly streamlined and reworked.


  • Victory is at 30 000 Hegemony.
  • Craft workshop can now be built on any special region, and only on special regions
  • Balancing


  • All regular Landsraad Standing gains now happen at the end of a Landsraad session
  • Treaties effects have been changed
  • Charters don’t need to be unlocked anymore (only need eligibility)
  • Many new and improved Resolutions

CHOAM Market

  • New bonuses when you own 10% and 30% CHOAM shares
  • New Auto-buy and Auto-sell toggle

Nuclear Silo (New)

  • Nukes have been reworked
  • Nukes now need to be produced in the new “Nuclear Silo” Major Building before being launched


  • Spying mission balancing
  • New agent slots can be acquired by putting an infiltration cell in their territory with a new operation
  • Added sacrifice and hastened shortcuts for operation quick slots in the right bar

Full Assassination rework:

  • Assassination is a regular mission that can be launched on an opponent’s territory
  • Once the operation is launched, a countdown to assassination appears that both the target and the assassin can interact with
  • New diplomatic action “Guarantee of safety” can be put in a trade to put an end to the current assassination attempt


A number of QoL changes and improvements to overall game feel


  • Swapped Cerberus and Executioner tier
  • Cerberus: New model with a more polished behavior and look. The split now triggers once the original unit dies
  • Executioner: Is now an Elite unit, they stack health regen and power with nearby deaths


  • Mobile turret: Can now attack from range in roaming form and can only attack air units once deployed. More polished look and transition between deploy states.
  • Deployable Units:
  • Now have a deployment time.


  • Can no longer attack mechanical units.


  • New Region: Sandfall
  • Improved map generation


  • New developments window
  • Added victory progression cards that spawn when a faction is close to victory
  • Added a “Victory screen” button to the pause menu after finishing a game to view game stats again


  • 9 new tracks

Bug fixes

Many bug fixes, most notable ones:

  • Attacks on buildings can now be shift queued
  • Using the Spice slider will no longer trigger border scroll
  • Fixed unstartable Spying Missions
  • Fixed aggressive units attacking truced players

Thank you all for your patience while we worked on this update, it's been a long time coming but we can assure you, it was worth the wait!

Enjoy the update and stay tuned for news about what's next for Dune: Spice Wars!

- Shiro Games

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